Thursday, July 4, 2013

Root Beer (or Orange Crush) Ice Cream

I'm a food snob.  I admit it. I think food should be prepared with the freshest, finest ingredients. I believe it doesn't take much more effort to make a meal or baked good from scratch instead of from a box or can (and it's more economical).  Unless I'm making cake pops for grandkids, you'll rarely see me cooking with processed food items. This snobbism definately applies to ice cream.  In my opinion, ice cream should be made with cream (screw the calories!), fresh eggs if making a custard base, fresh and in-season fruit. So when a family friend gave me a recipe that called for sweetened condensed milk and soda I was not optimistic. I made the requested recipe at a drag race we were at and instantly fell in love with this ice cream.  It's now become a family favorite.

The original recipe calls for Orange Crush soda. Eating the ice cream is like eating a 50/50 bar.  Last summer I decided to try it with root beer.  As my parents owned an A&W Root Beer drive-in during the mid-70's, root beer is near and dear to my family's heart. Using root beer instead of the orange soda is like tasting a frozen root beer float (and I made plenty of those during my working days at the drive-in!) This version made it to our 4th of July celebration this year. So use whichever soda you like best.  I guarantee you and your guests will find this a very refreshing ice cream!

Orange Crush (or Root Beer) Ice Cream

2 cans Eagle brand sweetened condensed milk
1 pint whipping cream
6 cans Orange Crush (or root beer) soda

Mix sweetened condensed milk and whipping cream.  Pour into ice cream container.  Add soda.  Process according to ice cream makier instructions.

It does make a lot of ice cream.  We had a smaller crowd today so I halved the recipe and made it in my refrigerated ice cream maker.  To make the full batch you will need to use a standard/rock salt kind of ice cream maker.

Our official taste tester gave this ice cream a rave review!

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  1. I've made the orange soda one "forever" but our recipe had a can of pineapple added! It is an easy but certainly tasty ice cream. I may have to try it with root beer for we both love root beer floats!