Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tissue Paper Hydrangea

Many parts of my life I keep very simple.  One of those areas is gift wrapping.  I don't like storing a bunch of different paper and bags or running to the store at the last minute when I have a gift to wrap and nothing to wrap it with. Consequently, I have developed a system that works for me.  I stock up on brown kraft bags of various sizes and brown kraft wrapping paper.  With the exception of Christmas (where I use the same paper throughout the season), virtually all of my gifts are wrapped in craft paper. It is so versatile and can be used for any occasion, especially when embellished with a little ribbon and decorated. That's the fun part for me, decorating the package. (I know, you're thinking that her gift wrap system is simple but she complicates it with decorating!)

While browsing Pinterest (gosh, I love that site!) I found a tutorial to make hydrangea flowers from tissue paper. As I have a wedding to attend and it's spring, I thought this would make an ideal decoration for the wedding gift. It was so easy to make, very reminiscent of making tissue paper pom poms. I'm quite happy with the results! Sometimes a girl just has to create and these flowers were quick and easy to do!

There are many tutorials for making these tissue flowers.  This is the one I used.

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