Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sweetie Pie Quilt Sew-Along

Last year I joined an online sew-along and made a quilt.  Each week we got new instructions, along with videos and pictures, to help us along in the process.  It started mid-January and finished mid-June.  It was a nice, easy pace and, even though a big part of it was during tax season, I managed to finish my quilt top on time.  It actually ended up being a good de-stresser for me; something to concentrate on other than numbers.

Since then I've made two more quilts with not too many disasters. My quilting confidence fairly high, I signed up for the same instructor's sew-along for this year. We are making a Dresden block quilt, she calls the blocks in this quilt "pies".  Each one has an appliqued fruit center (i.e. cherry pie, apple pie, etc.) I bought all the fabric and supplies, cut everything out (which was a huge undertaking as there are 144 little pieces just for the Dresdens, not to mention all the other pieces of the quilt!) Week one began and the first week's tasks were monumental!  We had to sew each Dresden piece into its pointed shape, then sew 16 together to get our circle, and applique those onto a 17x17-inch piece of fabric. Multiply that work by 12 blocks! Yikes!  Not only that, but I discovered that the sew-along will finish mid-March. (Obviously the instructor doesn't know this is corporation tax deadline time!) Based on what remains to be done, I now know that each week's list of tasks will be a lot.  I know I won't be able to keep up while working 7 days a week!  At first I felt pressured that I would have to make it work.  After a few days I told myself that this isn't a race; the goal is to enjoy the process, learn new skills, and have a beautiful quilt in the end!  My quilt top probably won't be done in March but I'll keep working on it until it is done!

I have the first two Dresdens ("pies") completed.  The remaining 10 Dresdens are awaiting their appliqued centers.  I have started sewing the petals for the 20 flower blocks that will also be in the quilt. So far, I am keeping up but I know that will change soon!

2 out of 12 blocks done!  The apples are for another quilt which is on the back burner for now!

All the quilt pieces are cut and waiting!

Chain-piecing 144 Dresden/pie pieces.

Getting the placement the way I want it before sewing the 16 pieces to make a circle.

Each fruit appliqued center also has some embroidery work in it.

Hopefully, my finished quilt will look like this!

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