Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Cards

My Hubbers and I will be married 35 years in March. We are empty nesters.  At this point in our lives there is nothing we want or need and, if there is, we usually just go buy it. We mutually agreed to quit buying each other Christmas gifts a number of years ago.  It was one more thing to have to do during a hectic time of year and neither one of us enjoys shopping. Instead, we do something special with each other.  This year we spent 2 days in San Francisco, seeing the sights and having a nice dinner. These memories are more important to us than gifts.  I know some couples really look forward to exchanging gifts and filling stockings, but that's just not us.  One thing we do, though, is buy each other a special Christmas card.  At sometime during the Christmas season we will place our card in the branches of our Christmas tree. On Christmas morning we sit together in front of the fire and open our cards. It's become a special tradition for us. I added my card to the tree a few days ago.  Tonight I noticed he had put his card in it. Amongst all the glitter, lights and ribbons of Christmas our cards represent our love for  each other.  I couldn't ask for a better gift.

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