Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bloom Quilt Update

Six weeks ago I began participating in an online sew-along to make an appliqued quilt. Each week the instructor shares the instructions for another block. The finished quilt will consist of 20 different blocks. The instructions for block six will be released tomorrow, I finished block five yesterday.  Slowly, but surely, I am keeping up, even with my crazy tax season schedule!
I have now sewn the first four blocks together to make the first row of the quilt. My photography doesn't quite capture how bright and colorful the fabrics are, it's going to be a very cheery quilt!
This is my favorite block, so far, just love the colors in this one and the shape of the leaves. All the flowers and leaves of the blocks are made by using a plastic template to make the shape.  More information about the sew-along can be found here.
We are working seven days a week now, long days, lots of stress.  This quilt project has been a nice little diversion for me.  I try to do a little each night, to keep making progress, and decompress my brain some.  We have seven more weeks of tax season.  If I stay on track my quilt will be over half done by then!

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