Friday, September 13, 2013

Cupcakes for Carly

My step-daughter is a busy mother of two young girls and a speech therapist for a local school district.  She called me a few weeks ago needing assistance in making cupcakes for a bridal shower she is co-hostessing.  I remember the days of juggling children, homework, work, taking care of the home and trying to fit in extra-curricular activities.  I don't work on Fridays this time of year so I volunteered to make them for her.

The colors for the shower are purple & green.  A trip to our local cake supply store and I had ample supplies for the task!  Pearls, sprinkles, royal icing flowers, colored cupcake liners!
 I always feel so thrifty when I'm able to re-purpose an item that I already have.  An embossing folder, that I use for paper crafting, makes a nifty little design maker for fondant.  I colored the fondant, rolled out and pressed in the folder, using a rolling pin to get the design into fondant.  I then cut out my embossed fondant with a tiny cookie cutter.  Voila!  An embossed heart!

I drool at pictures of decorated cupcakes on various blogs and Pinterest.  Mine never look quite as good.  At first I get disappointed but then I think of the things I can do that those wonderful decorators can't (can they drive a race car?) and then I don't feel so bad.  Decorating cupcakes & cookies is not a regular activity for me so what we end up with is what we get! I think they turned out cute and I hope Carly likes them! I enjoyed the creative activity and helping her out!


  1. Carly must have been thrilled -- they are beautiful, Julie!

  2. Yum, loved your cupcake post and they are gorgeous. Made me hungry too.


  3. Oh my, your cupcakes are stunning. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty