Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Snippets from the Garden

We've only had a few really warm days here so the garden is doing very well this summer.

This is a crimson mandevilla.  It's in our front courtyard.

 The hydrangea is full of large blossoms!

Butterfly bush, Shasta daisies in the background.

While in the garden one should always take time to smell the roses. This one has a lovely apricot hue.

Every year I plant some sunflowers, the mammoth size.  It's fun to watch how much they grow in a day!  In the fall the birds hang all over the plants, stripping them of their seeds. It's nice to know we help to nourish the bird population.

Cone flower (Ecchinecea).

This spring we planted a pomegranate tree.  It's loaded with the growing fruit. I will make pomegranate jelly this fall.

A gerbera daisy, so simple yet so pretty.

Love my hummingbirds!  So many of my flowers were planted for the sole purpose of attracting and sustaining these delightful birds.

I tried to get a picture of a hummer in this lily but it flew away before I could capture the moment!

Hope you are making some time to enjoy your garden, too!

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